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Our Story

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Hi! I am Breann Molina and I am so excited that you chose Molina Montessori for your child’s preschool education! I was a public educator for WFISD for several years before deciding to end my time in public education and focus on preschool needs in our community. I am thrilled to bring Montessori education into our town!

I have the background knowledge and skills to provide your child with an awesome education. I believe that students need a firm foundation of early learning and development to be successful throughout their school years.

I have lived in the area my whole life and graduated from Midwestern State with a Masters degree in Educational Leadership. I have two kiddos and I enjoy spending time with my family, being a soccer mom, and splashing around in any kind of water!

Our Philosophy

Molina Montessori is based on the educational beliefs of the Italian philosopher Maria Montessori. We will strive for every child to meet their maximum learning potential by fostering their interests and natural curiosity to learn. Montessori education is student led, hands on, and incorporates collaborative play.

At Molina Montessori we will not only focus on a child’s academic growth, but their social, emotional, physical, and mental growth and development as well.


To provide a high quality preschool program incorporating the Montessori method based on the factors of child development, creating a fun learning environment where students will develop an internal desire to learn and grow.